Consumer grade NBG6615 firmware V1.00(ABMV.2)C0 Unable to change System Name and Domain

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This is a really basic device, but, I just set this up for one of my clients whose office has all enterprise grade equipment, but they just need something super basic at home. During the setup I found that the page where you change the system name and domain name is shared with the password change page, and it prompts for a password change when you try to make a change to the system name and/or domain name.

It also wouldn't keep the "allow guests to access my LAN" unchecked even after a save/apply (though, the guest wireless was still disabled.

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    danyedinak Posts: 48  Freshman Member

    Oops. I forgot to include that, after logging in with the default login I and password, it automatically prompts to change the password, which is good, but the new password field does not mask the new password - only the confirm new password field does.