Guest Access through NWA 1123NI?

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How to implement a guest WiFi access with a simple standalone NWA 1123NI?
Router is a Draytek 2900, the access point is working flawlessly.
Customer wants a guest WiFi, that only talks to the router and prohibits contact to all other devices on the network.
Other access points have a simple setting for that, but not the NWA :-/


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    As I know, NWA1123NI supports intraBSS blocking or layer2 isolation features are related to guest WiFi.

    Intra-BSS blocking prevents peeping from associated Wi-Fi clients under the condition that wireless clients are connected using the same AP and SSID. 

    Layer2 isolation is used to prevent wireless clients associated with your NWA from communicating with other wireless clients, APs, computers or routers in a network.

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    For the NWA1121-NI, you can create a new SSID with WAP2-PSK and enable layer 2 isolation. The guest connect the SSID is unable to connect the intranet device.

    Access the AP GUI and set the pass device in the layer 2 isolation white list.(must set gatway or router)

    Set the Security profile with password.

    Set the SSID profile with the security profile.

    Set the wireless setting

    Change LAN setting and write the DNS server.