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I used to protected my lan with a Zywall 5 (SOHO) which is located between the router and the switch; recently I updated my connection to a 100 Mb line and that's when I experienced problems.

So problem is I read on the speed test an 80 Mbits connection before the Zywall and some 37 Mbits on the same speed test after the Zywall 5.

I googled the problem and found out that it could depend on the bandwidth of the Zywall 5 hence I suppose the only solution to remove the bottleneck is to replace it.

My question now is, since I plan to switch to a 1 Gbit fiber connection as soon as it will be available (hope in the near future), which zywall product will be the right one without wasting a lot of money on a too "big" unit but avoiding the need to replace it again when switching to the fiber connection?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice

S. Sgroi M.D.

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