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Got loads of USG200s the client wants to replace, so got them to get a USG110 to see if we can do this one by one without changing the configuration on all the others.

Unfortunately I can't get round the setup wizard, which wants me to register the device.

I was going to tell them to send it back as unfit for purpose, but apparently there is a CLI command to kill the wizard. Anyone know it?

Alternatively, anyone know another Zyxel device that can manage two fast lines and will play nicely with a load of existing VPN connections on USG200s with strange configurations, and doesn't have this infuriating wizard? VPN100 perhaps? I'm trying to avoid having to get them all working with pfsense based devices. We can use something else for the spam filtering and stuff if needs be.

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    You just have to give the USG a bit of internet to complete the setup surely you can do that?

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    Hi @acampm,

    It is not recommended that you bypass the wizard since the registration is required for activating the UTM services and cloud firmware upgrading.

    All ZyWALL/USG/ATP/VPN models has initial setup wizard.

    If you would like to skip "step 3. Register Device" and "step 4. Activate Service" in wizard because of no Internet connection, click "Skip" and "yes" to skip registration and activation.

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