Smaller Aggregation Switch

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Hey there,

we're having a smaller network (about 8 switches) and would like to upgrade them to 10G switches. However there aren't currently any devices available which are affordable for a small company which simply needs an aggregation switch with e.g. 10x 10G SFP+ ports. There's a huge pricing gap between the XGS1930 10G switches and the XS3800-28. Currently we're using an aggregation switch from a different vendor, but we really would like to replace it with a zyxel one.

The only available option is the XS3800-28, but it's very expensive and has a lot of ports we don't need.

The XS1920-12 is a very good switch, but it sadly doesn't support SFP+, which is very mandatory for an aggregation switch. And if you need RJ45 you can simply put an SFP+-RJ45 Transreceiver in it.

Are there any plans to build a newer version of the XS1920-12 switch with nebula cloud support and SFP+? This would be awesome.