Route L2TP VPN trough IPSEC VPN

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I have configured 2 Zywall like on the picture following:

Everything is working: Site2Site between both Zywalls (yellow connection on picture), also L2TP VPN access from external users on Zywall USG 60 (orange connection on picture).

I've also like to access the subnet on the right zywall trough the L2TP VPN connection to the left zywall as a external user (grey connection).

What needs to be done on both Zywalls to achieve this connection?

I've tried the following:

USG 60, Policyroute: Incoming Interface L2TP, Source C, Destination B, next hop: IPSec to B.

Firewall allow C to B (log)

USG 310, Policyroute: Incoming Interface IPSEC, Source C, Destination B, next Hop, Interface B (don't know what to choose here).

Policyroute: Incoming Interface B, Source B, Destination C, next hop: IPSEC to A

Firewall allow C to B and vice versa (log).

If I do a ping, i can see an entry from the corresponding firewall roule on USG 60. But nothing on USG 310.

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