Not able to log in to the VPN2S after Firmware upgrade

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after unboxing I logged in and no problem to connect. the first otion was to upgrade sw.

When trying to login after sucessfully upgrade, the login tells me that :

1.Turn on Javascriptand Cooki settingsinn your web browser.

2.Turn off Popup Windows Blockingin your browser.

It has been nearly impossible to log in. how complicated do you need to do the login .

or is it a bug in this last Firmware ?


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  • Blabababa
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    What browser are you using? try with Chrome or Firefox?

  • Not sure this is the same problem - but my Zywall 110 has been fine for a couple of years. Yesterday, for the first time ever, it required me to change the password and then installed a software update. At that point it stopped working as a firewall and I was unable to log in with either the new or the old password. Effectively, it is bricked. Either someone comes up with a fix or I am going to have to send it back to the factory for repair.

  • Same issue. Can't connect to the interface. Now that approximately zero current browsers support java, why exactly is it being used? Very discouraging test drive of the VPN2S (and, I really wanted to love it!)

  • RCP
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    I've noticed the same thing after I updated the VPN2S.

    I am having issues with the web GUI loading on these browsers on both Windows and macOS boxes.

    Edge (Chromium)
    Internet Explorer

    Edge (Chromium)

    Disabled all security features, tried in incognito... it keeps loading forever or I get blank white screens. JavaScript and popups are enabled.

    I've only just purchased this 1 month ago and it's a pain to work with compared to the USG60W.
  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @RCP

    Your WebGUI can’t accessible is because full tunnel is enabled, it is in different condition.

    Currently this situation is analyzing.

  • MPOster
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    What a giant turd of a device this is -------- right not of the box it does a firmware update then takes you to a wizard page. Then I get the same thing the rest of you are getting ... this idiotic, blank page. Took a trip all the way to my clients place to find out this thing doesn't work properly. 
  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Hi @MPOster,

    We have fixed the issue in the latest firmware.

    The firmware is sent to you in private message.

    Fix: HTTP Access to WEB-GUI

  • als
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    Last firmware 1.20(ABLN.1)C0 same problem,
    please stop sell this product, with this firmware is really useless.
    Give us a fix, bought 1 week ago..... and i can't use anymore.
  • als
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    Same problem if i reset with reset button.

  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Hi @als,

    The firmware is sent to you in private message.

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