DHCPV6 Lease Entry - IP format error

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When adding a DHCP Lease entry (Configuration->Object->DHCPv6->Lease), I'm unable to add an entry of a local IP address I want to point to for my locally setup DNS server. See screen shot. It won't allow me to enter ANY IP address in the User Defined Address field - and so pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any assistance appreciated.

{footnote: I thought maybe it needed to be an object name. So I set up a new name for a Host for that IP address, but entering an Object Host name did not work either.}

This is a USG40 running 4.35(AALA.0).

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    OK - I received an answer on this. You'd think "DHCPv6" would have been my clue. :-)

    It's looking for an IPv6 address.

    To achieve what I was trying to do, the steps are:

    Configuration->Network->Interface->Ethernet tab->select interface->under DHCP Setting -> configure DNS server as follows:

    Where is the address of the local DNS server.