Block all ports except 53, 80, 443 from 1 pc

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Been looking all over for info on how to block all ports except 53,80,443 from 1 pc on my network. I also need to make sure that this pc doesn't use a vpn to get around the block. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi @teleguy,

    You can enable IP/MAC binding for the pc.

    Add two security policy rules as follows.

    Rule 1.

    From LAN1, To WAN, source: pc's IP address, service: HTTP/HTTPS/DNS, action allow

    Some applications may also use port 80 or port 443.

    If you'd like to block a specific application, you can create application group, App Patrol profile, and apply App Patrol file to Rule 1.

    In the following example, we use App Patrol to block some VPN applications and Teamviewer.

    Rule 2.

    From LAN1, To WAN, source: pc's IP address, service: any, action deny

    You can search and select VPN applications from the category/service.

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