Traffic logging after 4.35 update?

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We have USG110 with two WAN ports used as load-balancing and failover. With firmwares up to 4.35 traffic in list/graph is OK - 70/30 as in weight settings. But now, after upgrade to 435AAPH0ITS-WK46-r90773 we see NO traffic on WAN2, simply no one row, blank. We thing, that traffic still flow through WAN2. because we can connect to WAN2 from outside with VPN, do some work, make traffic, but still nothing in list/graph for WAN2. What happened in 4.35??

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    Hi @Martin_Kuchar,

    Since we didn’t see the same symptom on USG110 after upgraded to 435AAPH0ITS-WK46-r90773, can you share the remote access of your USG110 with me in private message?

    Here is my test result for your reference.

    Use default configuration file and connect wan1(P1) and wan2(P2).

    One PC is connected to lan1(P4).

    In MONITOR > System Status > Port Statistics, there is traffic graphic for P1 and P2.

    In MONITOR > System Status > Traffic Statistics, the traffic data for wan2 display.

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    Hi as i write before now is everything OK (but i had to unplug and plug WAN2 cable) ...

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