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I've got 2 localizations with zywall's 110:

Zy01 - LAN / 24

Zy02 - LAN / 24

Each LAN'a have own local serwer, but in Zy01 LAN I've got intranet serwer with IP for all users.

Between Zy01 and Zy02 is establish IPSec VPN for use intranet_serwer from Zy02 LAN. It's works.

For few home work users I share L2TP VPN from workstation Windows_10 to Zy02. It's works good. It's mean that Windows_10 "see" Zy02 LAN network.

Problem: Windows_10 with L2TP doesn't see intranet serwer on Zy01 LAN.

Routing table on Windows_10 station after establish VPN to Zy02:

Network Destination / Netmask / Gateway / Interface / Metric         / / on-link / / 26

What, where and how I need set up on Zy02 for L2TP VPN connection to "see" LAN on Zy01?

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