XGS3700 - issues setting up LAG to USG1100

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I have three XGS3700-24 switches in a stack. All on firmware v4.30(AAGC.2). I am trying to add a two port LAG using LACP (802.3ad) between the XGS3700 and a USG1100.

When I configure the LAG on the XGS3700 by checking Group ID T3 and setting two ports (on the same physical switch in the stack) to T3 and then pressing the Apply button the XGS3700 does a Warm Restart on all three switches in the stack. See below for the log entries.

187 Jan 01 00:04:27 NO system: System warm start

188 Jan 01 00:04:27 AL system: System has reset without management command

Once the XGS3700 stack comes back up (more than 5 minutes) the LACP LAG shows as being up and using both ports. However the LAG does not appear to be passing traffic on the vlan associated with the port. Both ports are configured the same for vlans. I am assuming the LAG inherits the Vlan configuration from the ports.

Undoing the LAG causes the XGS3700 to once again do a Warm Restart.

I am using Static LAGs between the XGS3700 and other switches and they work fine.

What am I doing wrong in setting up the LACP LAG between the XGS3700 and the USG1100?

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    Hi @imaohw

    We have received your PM and will investigate it

    If there is any update will let you know asap