USG20W-VPN: don't respond for ping after power on

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I have two problems! First, after rebooting ZyWall USG20W-VPN does not respond to ping requests from computers connected to the network through the switch. Second, my bad english :)

It looks like this... Suppose, there was a failure of electricity. ZyWall is rebooted and after start Internet don't work on the computers in the office. In order for everything to work, i need to reboot the main switch which are connected all computers. There is no problem only on a computer that is connected to ZyWall directly through its LAN port. Also, there are no problems on devices connected to the USG20 via WiFi interface.

Besides rebooting the switch also helps:

  • restart the computer;
  • disconnect and connect the lan cable;
  • request a new address from the dhcp server on the client.

There is no problem on devices that registered on a DHCP server. But the problem persists if the client have a static address.

Tell me, what am I doing wrong?)

Firmware v4. 35 (ABAR.Zero)

P.S. Don't tell me to change a switch. Already.

P. S. S. I reseting ZyWall to default.


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    Hi @Legan80,

    The firmware is sent to you in private message for verification.

    You can also wait for 435ABAR2C0. This new formal release will be released in upcoming days

    Make sure the "gateway IP" configured on PC is the USG20W-VPN's LAN interface IP.

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