Can´t login in Zyxel dashboard

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I am having problems with the USG20W and USG60W models.

After making all the settings (firmware update, user creation, VPN creation, internet connection, etc.) when I log in again, the Zyxel control panel does not load me, it keeps the message "loading" and of It doesn't happen there.

The only way to access is to reset the default values, but of course, it is a problem because I have already done all the configuration and it has not given me time to make a backup.

I have performed the following tests without success:

- Change browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Explorer, Edge ...)

- Clear browser cache

- Try to connect through the VPN

- Change the ip of the computer from which I am connecting in lan

My network configuration is as follows (I think it's fine, but I put it in case there is an error).




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    Hi @Ricardo_ITS,

    Did you make all settings in Easy Mode or Expert Mode?

    Can you share the startup-config.conf of USG60W and USG20W-VPN with me in private message?

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