ZyWALL USG100-PLUS - Dual Internet acess

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Hi everybody,

i have a ZyWALL USG100-PLUS and have configured with one ISP router, last week due to contract change and increase of users we now have another ISP router that are not in use.

My question is if is possible to configure the 2 routers:

Case 1:

configure the second one as backup in case of failure of the first.

Case 2 :

doble the speed

*I not a networking guy.

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  • HI @Zyxel_Emily,

    Thank you again.

    It's working fine.

    I configured as backup

  • Hi @Zyxel_Emily,

    i have detected a problem.

    i have the url mailserver.mycompany.com redirected to the ip of the old ISP connection, and then a firewall rule route to my mailserver.

    when i have both connections enabled i cannot reached the mailserver.

    sorry if i cannot express this problem well

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