Important Note for Phase 8.2 Switch New Feature on Nebula CC!

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Hi All,

First of all, thank you all for the support of Nebula.

As Nebula Phase 8.2 release will be updated today, here are some notes for you about the new features of Nebula Switch:

  1. The following enhancements on NCC is for all Nebula Switches:
    1. When the unknown multicast drop is enabled, unknown multicast to router port will be enabled as well.
    2. Support Management VLAN Control. For security reasons, the switch ports can limit the access to management VLAN.
    3. Advanced IGMP UI is enhanced and can import channel list for IPTV report.
  2. The following new features now only supports on NSW series:(NSW needs to upgrade to latest firmware version)
    1. Vendor-ID based VLAN
    2. IGMP snooping unknown multicast drop per VLAN
    3. MAC address field in IP filtering rule(ACL)
    4. Access management

But don’t worry, these features will be supported on Hybrid Switch models (GS1920 series, XGS1930 series, XS3800-28) upon its next firmware release.

Please stay tune with our News and New Release!

Enjoy your Nebula~

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