[Release Note] Nebula Security Gateway Series - Phase 8.2 firmware has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway Series 

Release Note

January, 2020

Firmware Version on all models

Zyxel NSG50 - V1.33(ABHP.2)

Zyxel NSG100 - V1.33(ABEA.2)

Zyxel NSG200 - V1.33(ABLD.2)

Zyxel NSG300 - V1.33(ABOS.2)

New Feature and Enhancements

1. NSG300 now supports LAG

2. Support SIP ALG.

3. WAN interface support VLAN in device local GUI.

4. Provide IDP/AV signature version information. (Sec-Pack feature)

5. Traffic shaping is now available to Basic Pack (free) organization.

6. Algorithm of CPU usage information is improved.

7. Gateway rule entries expansion

A. limitation expansion for DHCP static entries

B. limitation expansion for policy route entries

C. limitation expansion for outbound rule(firewall) entries

D. limitation expansion for Traffic shaping rules

E. Enlarge VLAN/subnet interface entries (NSG200, NSG300)

F. limitation expansion for NAT rule (Virtual server & 1:1) entries (NSG200)

8. Add "DNS queries failed" and "Server unavailable" to nebula connectivity status in dashboard of device local GUI and system category of event log.

9. Add nebula control center and forum hyper link on local GUI.


1.    [BUGFIX]ITS#:190900201


       LAN1 DHCP pool not work.


A.  Create a site, set lan1 IP is and DHCP type is server.

B.   Add device to the site.

 2.  [BUGFIX]ITS#:191100929


 Content filter didn't work


A.  Set device to v1.20 firmware and reset to default.

B.  Upgrade firmware to v1.33

C.  Enable content filter

 3.  [BUGFIX]ITS#:191200094


 Wrong action of firewall rule was modified abnormally.


A.  Add one outbound rule in CC GUI.

B.  Open SSH setting page in local GUI.

C.  Enable "Allow WAN to Device" of SSH setting page in local GUI.

D.  Delete this outbound rule.

E.  Disable "Allow WAN to Device" of SSH setting page in local GUI.

You will find next of “WAN_SSH_to_Device” firewall rule action was modified Deny.

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