LTE firmware update for SBG3600

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The SBG3600 LTE performance seems to be much lower for me than it should be. Are there any firmware updates? This is what I've got now:

Main Current Firmware Version: V1.00(AAKO.9)

WWAN Current WWAN Package Version: 1.15

LTE Current Firmware Version: ALT3100_04_05_06_10_B8_LO

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  • Zyxel_Lukas
    Zyxel_Lukas Posts: 213  Zyxel Employee

    Hello @arb and welcome to the forum!

    I wrote you a private message regarding this.

    Best regards


  • I have same problem here. My current LTE firmware is ALT3100_04_05_06_10_B8_LO
    Can u send me new
  • My LTE firmware is: ALT3100_04_05_06_10_B8_LO
    Current WWAN Package Version: 1.15
    Current Firmware Version: V1.00(AAKO.9)

    Can i get the updated LTE firmware?
  • Pascal
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    My current version of the LTE firmware is ALT3100_05_00_02_00_81_MS. Can you please help me to get an updated version?

    Best regards.
  • Hi,

    Please help with new firmware, I have V1.00(AAKO.4)
    and ALT3100_04_05_06_10_B8_LO

    Can i get the updated LTE firmware?

  • Bob_C
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    Hi Juhis 852, Naivrat, milenium (Greg), 

    Please check your inbox. 

    Hi Pascal, 

    The ALT3100_05_00_02_00_81_MS is the latest release. 


  • Hello!
    I have Zyxel SBG3600-N B model, please send me a link to latest firmware also for the router and the LTE upgrade. My current firmware is V1.00(AAZE.2) I downloaded several version from the Zyxel website, but It was not clear which was the latest version to use, and received error messages during upgrade on one of them.
    Thank you,

  • Zyxel_Tobias
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    Hi @Perpetuus

    I have send you latest firmware code via PM.

    Kind Regards,

  • AKIE
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    I have  SBG3600-NB00, I need the newest firmware und LTE-firmware, can you give me, the links, too?

    Thank you,
  • Bob_C
    Bob_C Posts: 80  Zyxel Employee
    Hi Akie, 

    Please go to your message inbox. 



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