Why can I not see any of the devices in my office through my SSL VPN tunnel besides the server?

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I am at my wits end. I configured an SSL VPN tunnel using SecuExtender from my network at home and it worked fine. However I had an issue with another user as the network the Zyxel device was servicing was a range and it was not possible to connect to any devices from a remote connection also using the network. I then changed the office network to to resolve that issue, I thought.

Now I can ping the Zyxel on subnet1 at I can rdp to the Windows Essentials server at through the tunnel. However, I can not see another single computer on that subnet and I cannot figure out why. I have configured it exactly as was suggested by support, the tunnel is clearly up, but I somply canot connect to any of the PC's that we need to get to. I am obviously missing something but what? It shouldn't be this hard, no? 

Do you have any suggestions?

Desperately, Ken

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  • Zyxel_Lukas
    Zyxel_Lukas Posts: 213  Zyxel Employee

    Hello @krlee52,

    I wrote you a private message regarding this.

    I guess we can figure this out.

    Best regards


  • Zyxel_Lukas
    Zyxel_Lukas Posts: 213  Zyxel Employee

    Hello @krlee52 and all interested,

    during the conversation the cause was found in the topology behind the USG and the issue was resolved.

    Best regards


  • Hello Lukas and all,

    The issue turned out to be the Kaspersky Internet Security Firewall.It was necessary to adjust packet filters to allow all ICMP, which then allowed machines to be discovered, and the allowing RDP. Everything now works as expected.

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