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Is there a possibility to automatic reconnect VPN when the tunnel is broken? We have a client were the router sometimes looses connection. So, the Zyxel shall reestablish the VPN connection automatically.

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    Hello @SDL an welcome to the forum,

    can you let me know if we are talking about SSL VPN or IPsec VPN (SecuExtender or IPsec client).

    Many thanks.

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    I use IPsec VPN. Does it help when I configure site to site?

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    Just found related settings on the IPSec VPN client software, is it what you need?

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    Sorry, but I can't find this in my configuration!!

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    Hi @SDL, @Blabababa ,

    The screenshot @Blabababa provided is the software of the IPSec VPN client on PC, not on our device web gui.

    You can setup the VPN Wizard again to modify the VPN setting on EZmode.

    Enable the Nailed-Up function to allow VPN auto-reconnect.

    And you can check the settings here.

    Go to Configuration > VPN > IPSec VPN > VPN Connection > Edit the VPN Connection > General Settings > Advance

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    Thanks !!!?

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