Cannot update to 4.35 AAKY.2 - restores previous configuration

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maybe due to a trippied configuration, which was corrected and updated in this topic

USG60 cannot update via Automatic update to Firmware 4.35 AAKY.2, which was already downloaded and written to flash/standby partition.

Also, currently with latest modifications of the config i am not able to reboot still to 4.35, keeps restoring previous config.

It's still possible (with a few hours of downtime) write a configuration from scratch, but with 8 tunnels (1 IPSec, 1 L2TP, 6 net2net), 15 customized services, 10 users, 25 customized firewall rules, 4 port forwards... I mean, i'm feeling quite lazy.

Could someone help me to fix my mess, please?

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    Hi @mMontana

    To replicate and address the root cause of your symptom, we may need the configuration file to verify in our lab directly.

    Could you send your configuration file (before upgrading the firmware to 4.35AAKY.2) to us and let us know what’s the original firmware version before upgrading to the latest one by private message?

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