VPN - access only to one Windows directory on Server

kysslingkyssling Member Posts: 52  Ally Member

Hi sorry for my dumb question ... Is possible to set for VPN users strictly access for IP adress and Directory on one share folder on Windows server ?

For exmple User Axel on our network have access to directory \Users \Data and \Public.

When this user is connected to VPN I want settings on router only to directory \Public (from outside).

With same Windows username and password.

Very thanks for info !

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  • BlabababaBlabababa Member Posts: 113  Ally Member

    This application looks more related to Server application's feature but not on the Router/Firewall. Normally the server will distinguish folder authority by user ID but not base on the incoming source as I know.

  • kysslingkyssling Member Posts: 52  Ally Member

    If anybody interest about this question - maybe answer is SSL Application - type "File Sharing" - but client must use web login (no Secuextender).

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