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we have a USG 310, that connects to the internet via PPP. So we configured it as follows:

1) created vlan on the wan interface (requested by isp)

2) created PPP with provided credentials using the vlan as base interface

all works as expected (lan clients can navigate etc).

now, in addition to the ip assigned to the PPP connection, our isp assigned us a /28 public subnet that i'd like to manage with the usg. I tried creating vlan alias and assign them some of our IPs, but they not respond to ping. how can i do? any suggestions? thank you very much.

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    After configured public IPs on Vlan, can client navigate normally?

    For the Ping failed since the firewall will block ping service from remote site(avoid attack).

  • AreadatiSRL

    Yes, they navigate correctly. More than ping, i need to configure virtual servers, one for each public IPs... and that doesn't work either...

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