Layer-2 isolation and subnet problem

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I'm trying to setup a guest wifi with layer-2 isolation on a WAC6103D-I but i can't get it working properly.

I have added mac adresses of "VPN GW" and "Internet GW" in my Layer-2 Isolation profile but it still allows users to browse web servers on the main site and internet sites.

If i remove VPN GW from my list, i can't connect to anything.

I have successfully configured another AP with a guest wifi and Layer2-Isolation on my main site without trouble.

What can i do to really isolate users on my guest Wifi?


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  • livealive
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    Hi @Y_L

    What's your guest Wifi scenario? Do you mean you don't wanna the guest to access your main site or the guests cannot communicate with each other or else?

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    Hi @Y_L

    Welcome to ZYXEL community.

    Layer-2-isolation is used to block same subnet client can’t communicate with each other. If a device’s MAC addresses is NOT listed in a layer-2 isolation profile, it is blocked from communicating with other devices in an SSID on which layer-2 isolation is enabled.

    Since you added the  mac addresses of "VPN GW" and "Internet GW" in Layer-2 Isolation profile, it means that these two devices are allowed to be accessed by other devices in the SSID to which the layer-2 isolation profile is applied. So, the Guest Wifi clients can access the internet and intranet.

    If you want to isolate Guest Wifi in the office, just create a Layer-2-isolation profile without any whitelists.

    Hope it helps.


  • Y_L
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    I think that the answer is here: "same subnet".

    It's not my case, so in this configuration i can't use Layer-2 Isolation.

    The goal is to isolate my "guest wifi" users from everything. I just want them to access internet through the "Internet GW" located in my main site.

    I'll have a look to my firewall config.

    Thank your very much for your help! ?️