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good night I am trying to configure a VPN that is behind a NAT following the steps of the following video and there is no way to make it work.


I always receive the same error messages and I don't understand what the problem is since I'm following the video tutorial step by step.

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    Hi @Ricardo_ITS

    We had double checked the guide to complete the scenario and it works after the procedures

    Here is the reference of the topology

    USG60 (Wan :, LAN : ==== USG310 (router)(WAN : Internet==== PCA (

    Setup L2TP settings on USG60, NAT settings on USG310, 

    USG 60 settings

    USG310 NAT settings

    On Windows7 and Android phone build up L2TP tunnel to USG60, it works.

    Could you try it again and make sure all the setting follow the user guide?

    The log you provide for us seems that the client disconnect the session itself.

    To check further could you provide your log and configuration or provide us the remote access to the device and teamviewer in private message?

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