USG60 L2TP over IPsec VPN working fine, but can´t connet to a vnc server

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Hi, USG60 configured with L2TP over IPsec vpn is working fine. On the inside there´s 5 vnc servers. It´s possible to connet to one of them (a usal pc with Tigth VNC) . The other 4 are milking robots (!) with internal vnc servers. Sitting on the real inside its no problem conneting but if the connetions are made throu VPN the vnc servers don´t respond. I guess the internal config of the vnc servers are set to only respond to connections from the same subnet and the vnc servers are looked so I can´t change this. IP of the servers are 192.168.168.x and the tunnel IP -110.

Is there a way to come around this?

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    Hi @Hakandenende

    If the VNC server only can notify the same subnet,

    Add policy route and setup SNAT.

    Below is the example of Policy Route settings

    Go to Configuration > Network > Routing > Policy Route > Add 

    Incoming : tunnel

    Member : L2TP tunnel

    Source address: 

    Destination address : 192.168.168.X  

    SNAT :  

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