Can’t find local machines by hostname- USG40

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I have a USG40, and all devices on my network connect via DHCP. DNS is configured with the USG40 IP as the first DNS server. Devices all have correct configuration, and show up properly in the DHCP table, along with their hostnames. I cannot, however, connect to or ping any device on the network via its hostname, only the IP address. Any ideas on what might be happening here?

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    Hi @thug

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    I tested locally without any issue, I can ping the device on the network via its hostname.

    Can you private message your configuration for check further?

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    Hi thug while foraging through these terrific Zyxel forums looking for something unrelated I updated this thread the might be of assistance to you DNS not working on your USG40

    Here is the link on these forums:

    Fundamentally this USG40 I'm hooked into currently and several of our clients' USG60's and USG20VPN's had this same issue described in the post above. These appliances had been in service for several years and started misbehaving like this around V4.32 firmware time.

    If your symptoms are similar to those described in the post, you might consider resetting and restoring the .conf file and restarting again .. this fixes this immediately.

    As per my comments in that post, I'd be most curious if this was was your issue and if resetting and restoring resolved it .



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