Should I deploy vlan with Zywall Atp 200 ?

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I have a question.

I will have to deploy a new network with a zywall atp 200 as a firewall and twelve switches. The firewall has 4 lan ports and I will need to use 5 or more vlans.

Where should I configure vlans?

On the firewall or just on the switches?

If it is better to configure them on the firewall, is there a guide on how to properly do that?

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    Dear @Hoygen83 ,

    There is no better "thing" when it comes to where should i configure what..

    Typical commonly used scenario i will try to show below, without going to deep into the "why" question.

    Now it's important to know what you will connect in the end, on the switch on which port.


    • Access Point -->normally can handle VLAN -Tag on ports as above
    • Normal laptop -->cannot handle VLAN-TAG on port. (example) I need to connect on port 5 a client-laptop that needs to be in VLAN2. Below you can see the configuration on switch.

    Apart from that you can find i believe all you need on our Support-Portal:

    Good Luck with the config, let me know if you have questions!


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