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Hi all.

Just bought a Zyxel VPN100 and put it on my fiber 1000/1000 line. My problem is...when I run a speed test, no matter where and when, I never get past 400Mbit on upload speed. It doesn't matter which PC or server I use, and it doesn't matter what speed test site I use...

The paper for the firewall said 2Gbit firewall...it doesn't exactly look it. And even if I disable the firewall (policy control), it doesn't change past 5-10%...

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  • PeterUK
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    The 2Gbit firewall is based on UDP not TCP

    Is your download good?

    Try this speed test


    The VPN100 likely has 4 cores and TCP is per thread limited so some sites may test the upload on a single thread.  

  • That site gave me even poorer results: 598 down, 143.6 up.

    I guess I won't be selling any VPN100 to clients with fiber...

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    Hi @FrontierDK

    Is your VPN100 running on standalone or SD-WAN mode?

    Do you have any VPN connection in your environment?

  • Hi Zyxel_Jerry,

    it's running in stand-alone mode. No VPN has been set up.

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    Hi @FrontierDK

    Usually the throughput is tested by using a test machine with multiple ump sessions to approach the maximum bandwidth as RFC 2544 identified. In your case, we think the throughput you got is a little bit strange (DL 598Mbps/UL 143Mbps). What if you connect your PC directly to the internet without VPN100?? Can you share your config file with us in private message??

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