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After having received the security alter for ZyXel USG110 I wanted to check the unit but the standard login did not work anymore (i.e. admin as user and the standard password) - what I get is a "login denied" error.

The unit is working and I can see it from with the following firmware 4.35(AAPH.2)

Is it possible that due to the vulnerability issue the login password was somehow reset? Is there anyway to regain access without a full factory reset?

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    Hi @ dtmtech

    Welcome to Zyxel community.

    I've tested on USG110 from 4.35(AAPH.2) > 4.35(AAPH.2)WK08 > 4.35(AAPH.3)

    We’re not sure what happened on your device but we didn’t meet the same symptom as yours after firmware upgrading. 

    Here is the reference of how to backup configuration file and reset the password.

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    thank you so much for providing support. I actually solved the problem simply by switching off and on the device, then I accessed the unit with a different browser. Don't know exactly which was the reason but I managed to login and then upgrade the firmware with the latest one.

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