USG310 - forget about Manual to do first setup

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USG310 just arrived to replace our old and trusty USG300. Download the User Manual which reports, right on the cover: "LAN Port IP Address"

On page 35 we read: "Make sure your Zyxel Device Hardware is properly connected. See Quick Start Guide".

Downloaded Quick Start Guide which says: "connct LAN port to P4", "connect WAN to P1 or P2". Interestingly the accompaining picture seems ti indicate to connect the PC to P8...but let's just ignore it by now.

Very well, QSG says to connect port 4 and UM says to use Let's assume that our client shall have address. We don't have a PC ready in the datacenter but very easily can add a secondary IP to one of our servers...we done it milions of times...

NO WAY! USG310 does not respond...

Ok, let's check and connect all ports from 1 to 8, one by one, to discover that only port 3 was working.

So what? Logged in the web console… it is: P3 had address, P4 and P5

Remember to always carefully read manuals before starting a setup…

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