Zyxel USG40 - Need to reset password

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I need to reset the password on our Zyxel usg40 b/c it was changed from the default & we do not have access to it any longer. The Manual says that the only way to do this is to reset it to its Factory default settings, but config files "that were saved" should still be available. Before I do this and shoot myself in the foot, is there a way to confirm that the config file is saved on the device, or better yet copy the current config from the device.


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    Hi Jesse I can confirm that the .conf files are saved over a RESET.

    We actually did this on our bench test USG40 on the past weekend because it became slow and locked up the LOCAL DNS frequently.

    Once you reset it , use the standard admin / 1234 at RFc 1918/3 one HTTPS or ssh

    Here, all these files where still on this USG40 after we reset it :

    Router(config)# dir /conf/
    File Name                                                            Size   Modified Time
    lastgood.conf                                                          109342  2020-03-12 14:51:04
    startup-config.conf                                                       109035  2020-03-12 15:42:58
    system-default.conf                                                       71587  2020-03-12 14:48:25
    usg40_2020-03-12.conf                                                      109348  2020-03-12 15:13:15
    autobackup-4.33.conf                                                      104377  2019-10-26 13:24:03
    msf_usg40_2019-dec-03.conf                                                   105775  2019-12-03 13:50:56
    usg40_2019-dec-07.conf                                                     105379  2019-12-07 19:11:10
    usg40_2019-dec-17.conf                                                     106076  2019-12-17 20:02:47
    autobackup-4.35.conf                                                      108963  2020-03-10 13:14:19
    435AALA2-2020-03-08-11-52-09.conf                                                108963  2020-03-08 11:52:09
    usg40_2020-03-10.conf                                                      108963  2020-03-10 15:26:08

    Use one of the previous .conf 's to restore to your production settings.

    So go for i mate.?



    Hong Kong

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    Hi @Jesse

    Welcome to Zyxel community

    Here is the reference of how to backup configuration file and reset the password.


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