USG20W-VPN: Reach to maximum SSL VPN user

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We have the above appliance (firmware V4.33(ABAR.0)) with SSL VPN configured. I created a VPN group and added four uses to the group, enabled SSL VPN for this user group.

It worked at first, now I cannot login anymore because I get the error in title on the https webpage. On the logs I have:

The SSL VPN policy VPNSSL has been changed 'user' value.

User XXX(MAC=-) from http/https has logged in Device

User XXX from http/https has logged out Device

Failed login attempt to SSLVPN from http/https (reach the max. number of user)

Per specs the device should have 5 VPN users, and anyway there are 0 SSL VPN connected users. Why am I getting this error? Thanks

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    Hi @maxxer

    Welcome to Zyxel community

    Can you share the screenshot of the login user pages for us when the issue occur?

    Go to Monitor > System Status > Login Users > Login Users to check the current user list

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    I just made a test and we managed to establish 2 concurrent SSL VPN connections (+1 backend admin). So either some connections remained pending or there's something else. I'll report back when the error happens again. Thanks for the feedback

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