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We own a USG20-VPN, firmware version v4.33_ABAQ.0, and we need to set up 10 vpn connections through l2tp over ipsec.

We used the "VPN-Wizard" from the "Easy-Mode" to get, immediately, the job done. We set up win10 clients as described here: but they do not connect, we even considered/tested the usage of SecuExtender client, but it should not be required, isn't it?

We did stuff this way (for testing):

  • all nics were disconnected from lan (wired and wireless)
  • only the wifi nic was connected through external connection (5G tethering and then FTTH)
  • server-side the config was done first by VPN-Wizard then accordingly to:
  • the previous link implicitly was referring to Easy-Mode (first part) and Expert-Mode (second part), so the VPN-Wizard in Easy-Mode is not enough...
  • then we considered from the Expert-Mode panel link for configuring everything, manually, from scratch

In the end the question is:

what is the fastest way to get L2TP/Ipsec up and running?

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    The vpn connection (l2tp/ipsec) between home (client) and office (vpn server) is up with previous configurations, but you cannot ping or access any resources and it's not due to client's firewalling rules or missing routing, or chapv2, what could be missing?

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    Hi @TTpD

    Welcome to Zyxel community

    Is there any log showed on USG-20 VPN when you try to ping or access the resources?

    What’s the subnet on both site, is it overlapping?

    Can you share your topology with IP address and your configuration with us in private message?

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