SSL VPN USG60W - Windows 10 ask for certificate

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Have a USG60W running 4.35(AAKZ.3) and have not before this release have any issue to connect with SecuExtender from Windows 10.

Now I get an "certificate question" a pop up with an apple (APNS certificate Direct) certificate. I can choose from 3 different certificates within the pop up, but same result, no connection.

I running Windows 10 Pro, updated with the latest patch as for today (16/3-2020)

Anyone else have or had same problem, anyone have a solution?

I also tried to reinstall SecuExtender with same result. Tried to connect with a new user, same result. :-(

What to do next?

All the best


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    Hi SeaHawk add me to the list of the "curious".

    I'm looking for an actual hands-on reproducible guide to this for Windows10 , iOS and MacOS that uses Certifcates for both :machine authentication" and users authentication that actually works with USG appliances.

    windows10 gets consistent RAS error 13806 errors on client... always with Certificate ..maybe cert is wrong.



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