Dialin VPN going to multiple subnets attached via VPN tunnels (site-site)

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Hello all, this is my first time on, so please be gentle. This coronavirus thing has pushed my into a corner and I need help:

I have 4 offices connected via a VPN Mesh, the main office in Little Rock houses a brand new VPN300. The 4 offices have IP plans of (LR), (FV), (BR), and (CH), The Little Rock(LR) office had it's old TPLINK VPN replaced with a VPN300.

I was able to create the Site-to-site gateways and connections and have all the offices connected, routed, and working.

I also created a remote user dial-in plan that authenticates via LDAP. That connection works fine for any user and I can access anything in the local network where the VPN300 is connected. Despite my efforts, I can not figure out how to take a dial-in user, who can access any of the local LR office and route them to see the other offices. PC's connected in the LR office route through the VPN300 to the other offices without an issue.

We're loosing people big time to working and home and I can not accommodate them

I really need help!!!!

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