Zyxel Firewalls - Urgent need of other 2FA methods! via Authentificator apps / Yubikey..?

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Dear all,

are there any news according to 2FA with solutions like Microsoft Authentificator, Google Authentificator or Yubikey?

There are a lot of security concerns when having the only option as 2FA per mail. I am managing and integrating a lot of firewalls, where such a solution is not acceptable - no outgoing communications are allowed to mail server or there are situation, where the firewall is completely offline.

The worst case scenario is, when 2FA via email is activated and realized via online communication and the internet connection/WAN is down. There is no way to receive the code in such case.

Most of other brands are supporting other types of 2FA, especially solutions like Google/MS Authentificators - working offline with hashes...

Would it be possible to integrate these securtiy features?

Thank you very much for your support and reply.



PS: I had to post this topic here due to no answer under the section "IDEAS". I am sorry for that.

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    Going to bounce this for some more attention as well. Having 2FA is *great*, but the requirement of an active Internet connection is... a problem. Currently we lock down the Admin GUI with 2FA and leave the local SSH access without it. So if we have to get into a router, we SSH in, turn GUI 2FA off, and get into the router. But having Authenticator App support and/or backup code support would be SO much better and in line with current 2FA standards. Yubikeys would be cool (we use them for Google security), but the others would be so much easier to handle. 

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