GS1900-8 immediately freezes upon adding a particular static MAC address

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Hi all,

I have a weird effect when I add a the MAC address AC:BC:32:B6:E7:B9 to the static table of my GS1900-8. It immediately freezes (no traffic passes anymore, switch is not reachable under IP etc). I managed once to slip it in the configuration, but then it freezes upon boot (and I needed to restore factory settings).

The effect occurs only with that particular MAC address. I successfully added five other addresses. The effect occurs immediately when adding the address to the static table, even when port security is disabled.

To me this looks like a firmware bug. I am running the latest firmware version (2.50). It also happened with the previous version (2.40).

Can someone else with a GS1900-8 try to add that MAC address and report if the effect is the same? Is there a way to monitor the syslog via ssh to see in real time what could be the error message?



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  • Sakura_T
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    I just tested with my GS1900-8HP(2.50 fw).

    After entering the static entry AC:BC:32:B6:E7:B9, everything looks fine with no such hang problem.

    Kind of wonder how you determined the switch was freeze? no traffic on every port?

    Were you accessing the switch via the AC:BC:32:B6:E7:B9 device?

  • Zyxel小編 Lucious
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    Hi @frank_b_l

    We noticed you're asking another question regarding static MAC entry as well.

    In this case, as @Sakura_T mentioned, could you access the switch if you used AC:BC:32:B6:E7:B9 device via the port where the static MAC entry AC:BC:32:B6:E7:B9 been set?


  • frank_b_l


    Many thanks for the answers. Indeed, after understanding the logic of static MAC entries binding that address to one single port (as per my other question), I now realised that the switch did not crash but that I locked myself out since I accessed it from that very MAC address on another port than the one I set in the static entry.