How do I authorise a vlan Admin to acces to all Vlan

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I've got a problem to acces to Vlan from a unique machine in Vlan 192.168.5.XX.

This Pc's IP is from another site which is connect to a Vpn (Site2site).

We'got USG210 and Switch where all the Vlan were configured are GS1900-48.

Thank you.

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    Hi @FranckPOM

    Are you able to ping to the peer site LAN interface on USG210 or the GS1900-48 IP address?

    How about other machines in van 192.168.5.xx? Can all the others be accessed (ping) or just can't ping to a specific machine??

  • Thank you for the help.

    I finish to manage it.

    My problem come from the firewall rule.

    A group of a machine was created on USG210 in the primary site to allow the traffic on the vlan.

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