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In the past days we have had an ATP800 (4.35(ABIQ.2)) that stopped working and froze, every 1-2 days, and needed to be switched off/on manually. That started to happen when 50-70 l2tp ipsec clients begun to steay connected the whole day (working from home employees), Under this condition device ha pro stopped working properly as well, so we disabled it.

Then the zyxel support, after various analysis and discussions about the possible causes, suggested to upgrade the firmware to 4.35(ABIQ.3)ITS-WK11-r92701 (the one that increases also the number of possibile VPN SSL connection (from 100 to 500).

That occurred on Friday 27th, and the ATP is still running; given the we in the middle maybe it's early to say if that fixed the problem.

However we have noticed that the cpu usage is pretty much lower than before (before the upgrade reached 24, now never more than 15) ; on the contrary the memory usage seems to keep increasing, although slowly (from initial 21% to current 24%); also during the night, when the cpu is 5, the memory usage remain 24%.

I posted this to see if somebody else experienced this, rather annoying, problem, to report what we have done to overcome it, and possibly to hear some other solutions or solution attempts.

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