External RADIUS setup Zywall not sending requests to external Radius server

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We have a2fa server set up in at a location that we need to use for VPN access.

The Zywall is not processing requests.

It is my understanding that Radius-users is put into the SSL-VPN group and no user info is set locally on the Zywall 310. the 2fa auth server is set up and is verified to work with windows desktops and we can process auth requests in terminal from any machine on the same LAN.

No dialogue is initiated by the zywall so we are assuming something is not quite right on the zywall.

the 2fa server is at the Zywall 310 is at

we have an auth key / identifier set as zywall and the 2fa server is listening on the correct port 1812 for the zywallsrequests set as its ip

this is what we have.

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    For this case, I will private message the firmware. Please has a check.

    If the issue still happen, can you private message your configuration for check further

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