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I have a USG 20W in service and like to upgrade it. I checked out USG 60W, but I read it has some WLAN problems. I got my eyes now on the ATP200. Unfortunately it lacks an integrated WLAN AP.

  1. Is the ATP able to schedule on/off times of an managed WLAN AP? I did this with a shell script on the USG 20W.
  2. Can I take the current USG settings over to ATP? (Firewall Objects, NAT- and rout settings.

Thanks for any clarfication.

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    I bought one but not installed it right now. If you want I can power mine up.

    I would recommend the Manually Set everything in the ATP to avoid error from that.

    When your USG work you can "just" hung up your Laptop to the ATP Set everything UP and than Plug everything onto the ATP.

    I personally use a USG300 now (at Home).

    And for the Wifi what did you mean with "on/off times"?

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    This is going to take some time to transfer all settings. I found a converter, but it is for the newer USG models..

    For the WLAN, I turn off the radio on certain times. This is done through a shell script running on the USG 20W. I was wondering if I could do something similar with a WLAN AP managed by ATP200?

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