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Hello I have a issue about transfer data by local lan between pc and nas, behind my new Zyxel usg 40w. Before I used another firewall (free) and the transfer was more than 100 MB/s now's about 35/38 MB/s. ? Already I tried to change in session control the session limit by 0 (unlimited) but nothing! Please let me know what else I can do it thank you ! -

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  • Jeremylin
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    PC connect with USG's wifi?

    If so, the performance may effect by different distance. The enabled UTM service also will effect speed.

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    Hello Jeremylin thank you for you reply but the pc is connected by cable to the switch (all port are 1 GB) and NAS as well. So It's normal max speed 35/38 MB without UTM service ?

    With UTM the speed is decreased...25 MB.

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    With lab test result, the download/upload of USG40W with HTTP are 67MB/62MB

    Can you private message the configuration for check further?

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