Publish ZYOS IPSEC, IKE L2TP, SSLm, Debug etc VPN Error codes and their Resolution

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Hi Lads at Zyxel, I'd like to see a very technical reference document available to Zyxel customers that provides:

A detailed list of VPN error messages and codes that is

  • indexed and referenced for
  • USG logging categories IKEm IPSEC, SSL, L2TP and Debug that
  • contains reasonable and detailed EXPLANATIONS and
  • straightforward resolutions where possible
  • NOT a dummies guide please?

Frankly our team has been recently (since 2019-dec) deluged in customer VPN questions from the common platforms of MacOS, FreeBSD, Linux , iOS, Android e Windows OS.

Most of the resolution to these pesky issues rated at P.I.C.N.I.C (Problem In Chair Not In Computer) however they have been also been difficult to solve.

At best, one needs to trawl the inter-webs for credible places. forums and other vendors and weave in out of the technical BS that is there as well.

The logging in the ZyOS appliances is pretty good.. especially the DEBUG stuff.

An addendum would be a beginners guide to configuring a syslog server. Frankly most people haven't a clue and such a write up would be beneficial to most... especially for problem resolution. (We set the up with FreeBSd , Linux and MacOS servers) .. and newsyslogd is your friend!?

A Nice to Have: some ZyOS VPN Techie Resolution Publication would be great to have access.

I appreciate the Intellectual Property as well and understand that my request my not be possible.

I for one would be most happy to help test this publication.

Please consider ...

Kind Regards


Hong Kong

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