How to set VLAN setting for Link Aggregation in GS1900 series

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I have GS1900 series switches and have configured Link Aggregation group in switch 1 (port 1 & port 2 as trunk group LAG1). Now I want to put this trunk group into VLAN 100. How should I configure the VLAN setting?

Setup Procedure:

In GS1900 series, there will be trunk group (LAG1, LAG2, ...) shown in VLAN setting page.

Instead of configuring LAG1's member ports (port 1 & 2) respectively, you should directly configure the VLAN100 setting for LAG1 

Note: The VLAN setting on member ports of the LAG group will be ignored. In this case, the VLAN setting of port 1 & 2 will not take effect.


Connect a device to LAG 1 ports on GS1900, then you're able to see VLAN 100 in LAG 1 in MAC address table.

From the captured packet: