SSL VPN doesn't work anymore

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Hi, on a USG1900 (V4.35(AAPL.2)),  after two months people were used to connect via SecuExtender, SSL VPN doesn't work anymore. The SSL VPN client logs out right after it logs in (1-2 second max). In the syslog file we  have just the loggged in, logged out records, and a few records like these
..... src="" dst="" msg="SSLVPN deamon is not availbale." note="" user="unknown"....
We didn't find any way to get SSL VPN working properly again, so we had to reboot !
Does anybody esperienced something like that ?
many thanks

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    I would like to collect some information from this case
    After issue occur,
    1. Please Go to My PC>Local Disk C
    Collect "SecuExtenderHelper.log"
    2. and then Go to My PC>Local Disk C>Users>select the file of account which you login
    Collect "SecuExtender.log" 
    Also, if possible, can you plz share the console dump(during issue occur), and diagnostic information(after issue happen)
    Please provide message the information for check further.

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