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We currently have a few Policy Rules setup for traffic egress on port 24 of our XS3700 as seen below.

policy APolicy classifier AClass egress-port 24 priority 4 dscp 0 tos 0 bandwidth 500000 out-of-profile-dscp 0 priority-action prio-set metering out-of-profile-action drop  
policy Management classifier Management egress-port 24 priority 6 dscp 0 tos 0 bandwidth 0 out-of-profile-dscp 0 queue-action prio-queue priority-action prio-set

We are moving the egress to two ports Link Aggregated together, T1 ports 21-22. I thought I could change the egress-port to T1, but that failed in the GUI. I also tried 21-22, but the field is limited to 4 characters. How should these polices be set for a LAGG interface?

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    You have been very helpful. We have additional policies we will review and apply your suggested configuration. Thank you for your response.