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I inherited a Zywall 110 and I configured an L2TP IPSEC VPN behind a NAT router as described in the documentation.

The NAT router is configured to have the Zywall as exposed host, i.e. to route all traffic without filtering to the Zywall.
But when I try to connect to the just configured VPN with an Android 9 smartphone, it needs a while and then fails.

In the Zywall logs I cannot see any indication of a connection attempt.

Could there be any filter preventing the VPN connection in the Zywall?  Do I need an additional licence to enable VPN in the Zywall?

Thanks for answers!

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    No logs related with L2TP connection. It means the traffic did not pass through from your own router to zywall.
    The environment I have created before,
    On zywall, check local policy is enter wan IP of own router.
    On the front router, create 1:1 Nat, Wan IP map to zywall's wan IP. On the security policy, from any to zywall's wan ip, allow service: IKE/L2TP-UDP/NATT.

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