Secuextender GUI, notification about Service error

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Just had a case when a customer can't conect to SSL VPN.

At the logs, you see the cause for the problem. It's also easy to resolv, the service was set to manual by some "tewaking tool".
[ 2020/04/20 09:30:05 ][SecuExtender Agent][DETAIL]  Checking service (first) ...
[ 2020/04/20 09:30:05 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   SecuExtender Helper is stopped (0x2)
[ 2020/04/20 09:30:05 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   OpenSCManager failed (5) (0x5)
[ 2020/04/20 09:30:06 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   Failed to Start service: ZyWALL SecuExtender Helper (0x6)
[ 2020/04/20 09:30:06 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   You must startup the "ZyWALL SecuExtender Helper" before using SecuExtender (0x6)
[ 2020/04/20 09:30:06 ][SecuExtender Agent][DEBUG]   SSL Connection is going to be closed
[ 2020/04/20 09:30:06 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   Failed to send request string: 6 (0x6)
[ 2020/04/20 09:30:06 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   Failed to delete routing when exit. (0x6)
[ 2020/04/20 09:30:06 ][SecuExtender Agent][DETAIL]  Connection ends.

Please show this erro also at the gui, cause 99% of the Users don't know this log.

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