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we have an issue with on of our many USG40w. Users are blocked from browsing internet because the Content Filter seems to be non working. The erreor is "service unavailble" on the user web access. In the log I can see an event type Alert : : Service is unavailable, error code 10, Rule_id=8 (Content Filter)

we have a licence for the Content Filter, Firmware is 4.35.

How I can troubleshoot this ?



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  • IT_Field_Support
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    Now we have the problem on an another router, any idea ?
  • itxnc
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    On all of our routers. CF goes out briefly then comes back. Never have gotten a fix for it. But you can eliminate the access problem by setting the unavailable setting to Pass or Warn:

  • Jeremylin
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    As my setting on this part, since the database could not include and category all websites.
    configure Warm as these two parts, and check again

  • IT_Field_Support
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    Hi guys,

    I made the change last friday from "block" to "pass" in case the CF is unavailable, thanks for your confirmation. It would be good to have more details about this issue by Zyxel...

  • Hello ...
    any progress on that issue ?
    can we have something like a temporary cache  to validate when service is offline ?
  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @ AdilsonBernert,
    Thanks for the suggestion. The category service is real-time query to Content Filter server.
    You can follow Jeremylin suggestion to adjust action to “Pass” in Action When Category Server is unavailable.
  • Labber
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    Same issue here.  Any official comment on why the service is now unavailable the majority of the time?
  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Sorry for inconvenience caused. we will check on the cloud server.
    We will share the finding once we have addressed the root cause.
    To avoid this symptoms happens again, you can add A DNS record on your device temporarily, the following guide for your reference.

    Add DNS A record at “CONFIGURATION > System > DNS ”
    IP       :

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